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Caviar is one of the three delicacies in the world and it comes from the words 'khaya' which means fish egg and 'dar' which means birth, both in Persian. Caviar implies symbolic meaning of 'love', 'honor' and 'wealth' since the Egyptian era. It has relatively less fat, and full of moisture, vitamins, protein, minerals and these nutrients are concentrated 20 times more in Sturgeon Fish Caviar compared to other valuable nutrients makes Sturgeon Fish Caviar a perfect food and also highly used in cosmetic industry.

Caviar in Cosmetics

FW1 Research and Development Center has accumulated technology and knowhow not only to make the best quality sturgeon fish caviar but also to make the most effective sturgeon fish caviar based prestige cosmetic products. Our caviar richness and contents per product exceeds and out play our competitors by far as we operate our own internal Sturgeon Fish Farm for constant supply and most importantly to control quality of Caviar, our core ingredient. Our Prestige Caviar Line have Brightening and Anti-wrinkle Dual Fuctions.

Eternal Youth, timeless beauty, Neepiel

We introduce precious caviar cosmetics from marvelous life of sturgeon.

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Premium Caviar Amour Propre

Premium Caviar Energy by FW1 R&D Korea

Endless development efforts and with accumulated know-how of caviar making is the foundation of the Neepiel, premium cosmetic brand by FW1 Sturgeon Fish Research and Deveopment Center in Korea.

With continued Research and Development on healthy and beautiful skin, Caviar's essential nutrients of Omega-3, Amino Acids, and Minerals are carefully extracted to give effective absorption formula to improve weakened skin and to maintain healthy skin cell. Experience the change!

Hassed Holdings Korea

FI2C: A Joint Venture on Sturgeon Farming with second largest Malaysian public enterprise FELDA, Ongoing 'Blue Dream Park Project'

FW1 R&D: R&D Health and Beauty, Manufacturing and Sales of Neepiel Cosmetic Products

FI2C C&D: Construction

FI2C Lumi: Media Production

Fw1: Elderly Home

Customer reviews

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  • Great for brightening

    Started using their serum a week ago and I can already see how amazing my skin looks. My skin has a natural glow and is always hydrated. The high price was definitely worth it. I've never seen a product that shows results this fast, and I can't wait to try the other products from the same line. This product seriously works wonders for mature skin and dark spots. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

    La'Porsha Johnson
  • Definitely going for another bottle

    This moisturizer leaves a really nice finish, not too oily but not too dry. It also brings life to the skin and works great under makeup. My face feels a lot firmer and smoother after using this for about a month. It does a nice job of soothing the skin, and I like that it has a really faint fragrance that does not overpower your skin once you put it on. It feels nice on my sensitive skin. Also, the packaging is amazing -- very elegant! .

    Sophia Nguyen
  • Amazing mist and eye cream

    I've always struggled with lines around my eyes and my mouth. This eye cream glides on like a dream and smoothes out my wrinkles like it was never there. Although it's an eye cream, I applied it anywhere there were wrinkles and it works amazingly! I love how there is no smell, and the texture is just thick enough so it can be easily applied. I've never heard of caviar being used as a skincare product, but this is by far the best eye cream I have ever tried. Neepiel's mist is also very refreshing. It's great for when my skin needs a pick-me-up during the day or in the middle of the night. Again, the scent is barely there, so I can apply it without cringing at the end. Overall, both the eye cream and the mist is amazing and I would definitely buy myself another set.

    Michelle Knowles